In "The Story of Sprout," embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery alongside a young boy. Together, uncover profound lessons of knowledge, truth, and goodness that will resonate long after the final page. Explore the transformative power of curiosity and wonder in this heartwarming narrative.

A vibrant tale of youth and self-discovery for readers of all ages.

Read Review Online A boy sets out to chronicle his eventful journey in this updated version of a children’s book. Woodsprout is born to loving parents living on a small farm. One day, his father gives him a beautiful, red leather book with blank pages. The blond-haired Sprout aims to fill it with stories and adventures, and he searches for both with a feathered quill (that doubles as a pen) in his green cap. He

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CHECK OUT REVIEW ONLINE When Sprout’s father presents him with a beautifully bound book as a birthday present, he is delighted—he loves books! However, when he discovers the book is blank inside, he is puzzled. His father explains that this is his book, it’s to be the story of his life which he must write himself. Like the dutiful son he is, Sprout sets off to have some experiences to inspire his writing. From a

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