Embrace the Wisdom With These 20 Inspiring Quotes About Books and Reading

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Are you ready to jump into the enriching world of words and ideas? The best way to uncover the secrets of the cosmos and universe goes through books. Celebrated authors, philosophers, and thinkers all praise the transformative power of reading through their reading motivational quotes. So, if you’re seeking to rekindle your love for literature, this compilation of quotes about books and reading will ignite your imagination.

Furthermore, our brief descriptive analysis will stir your curiosity and remind you of the extraordinary journeys that await within the pages of a book. So, let’s embark on this literary odyssey together, where each quote serves as a guiding light, illuminating the boundless possibilities within the realm of books and reading.

Quotes about books and reading

1. “Reading brings us unknown friends.”

Honoré de Balzac

Let’s start with human interaction and its need. As social beings, we need people with similar thoughts and principles compared to ourselves. Fortunately, reading is an ideal activity that attracts like-minded people and helps introverts jump into the realm of unknown friends. 

2. “Think before you speak. Read before you think.”

Fran Lebowitz

This quote perfectly portrays the never-ending cycle of an interactive rule. Words are the greatest ally of every individual living in society. Therefore, it is always better to think before you speak. Lebowitz clarified that an ideal thought could only originate when you read well. 

3. “The world belongs to those who read.”

Rick Holland

This Rick Holland’s Quote is considered one of the best quotes about books and reading. Holland made it clear that if you want to rule the world, reading is an utmost necessity. So, such sharp and direct use of words will influence everyone to read more in order to survive in this world. 

4. “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Stephen King

Considering that books hide the secrets to human nature and vast treasures of knowledge, it would not be wrong to familiarize them with magic. So, Stephen King used the same notion in this quote and entitled them a portable magic you can carry around anywhere. 

5. “There is no friend as loyal as a book."

Ernest Hemingway

What is a friend? The one who stays by your side when you are alone and helps you discover ways to make yourself better. Isn’t that what books do? Ernest Hemingway knew that, so he personified a book as a loyal friend in this quote that never leaves your side. 

6. “The book you don’t read won’t help.”

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is known for his motivational quotes for reading. He motivated a considerable audience with this inspirational quote about reading. Accepting that an unread book won’t help, encourages an enthusiast to spend more time around books. So, they won’t rest just on their favorite books and keep exploring the wilderness of books. 

7. “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

J.K Rowling

While reading is an exciting activity, some may get bored with it. That is why it results in forbidding the activity due to frustration. This inspirational reading quote tempts people to keep trying and finding the best book that suits them. 

8. “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.”

Orhan Pamuk

A set of words may not inspire some of you greatly. However, a real-life example can definitely have some impact. Orham Pamuk is one of that examples. This Turkish Novelist said that one book changed his life in one day. Therefore, always keep trying. Maybe the next book of yours will turn you into something remarkable.

9. “I love the smell of book ink in the morning.”

Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco was a medieval Historian that was in love with books of all sorts. As a result, seeing such a magnificent personality inspired by books will definitely motivate your kids to read more books and follow his example. 

10. “That’s how you become a librarian, by reading and learning to find your way around books.”

Richard P. Gleason from the book Sprout.

Sprout is an excellent book to encourage your kid to learn the importance of reading in a fun way. Richard P. Gleason perfectly used a story tone to attract children toward knowledge. So, his above quote streamlines how to efficiently use books to achieve your life goal.

11. A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

Garrison Keiller

Nowadays, people don’t use books as gifts anymore. Perhaps, they forgot how surprising, intellectual, and mesmerizing books are. While other gifts lose their element of surprise once opened, a book never does! Every time you open it and scroll through its pages, you’ll get to know something surprising. Hence, this quote tempts the children to open the old books once again in search of a new treasure, and that is why considered one of the best inspirational reading quotes. 

12. “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn strikes again! In this quote, Rohn paved the way for enthusiasts to break the chains of ordinary elements and become something special. Everyone wants to get ahead in the world, and reading is the best way to do so. Considering that this quote streamlines a principle to change the world and yourself, it is said to be one of the greatest quotes about books and reading.

13. “Books were my pass to personal freedom.”

Oprah Winfrey

Freedom comes with a price, and books are a free pass to overcome those. That’s what Oprah Winfrey stated in this quote. Moreover, these sets of words are a perfect example of inspiring the young generation to put more effort and time into reading unique books.  

14. “Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you.”

Barack Obama

Barack Obama stayed the president of the USA and retained a massively influential state. Hearing him praise the true power of books and reading would inspire children to learn and read more. According to him, if you want the whole world to disclose its secret, start reading immediately!

15. Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”

Austin Phelps

This quote clarifies that a gentleman’s priority in this materialistic world should always be a book. While this quote inspires the young generation to read more, it also tempts them to invest more in books rather than buying useless things they don’t need. Investing in books to acquire the power of knowledge is a worthwhile expenditure of every penny. 

16. “Books are the mirrors of the soul.”

Virginia Woolf

Books can be a great fix for you if you are lost within yourself, trying to find a way out to make yourself a better person. This set of words is considered one of the best short quotes on reading because of its unusual imaginative approach. The author personifies that books are the sole source of communicating with yourself. So, if you are struggling with problems, feel free to open a book, talk with your soul, and clear your mind! 

17. “A house without books is like a room without windows.”

Horace Mann

This quote also highlights how books are a vital necessity of society. The need for books is something that can never be diminished—not even with the virtual devices used in this era. That is why a bookless house is familiarized with a room without windows in this quote. Such a room won’t serve you in any purpose, and you’ll be a mere captive in such a situation. 

18. “A peasant that reads is a prince in waiting.”

Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley was an American Novelist. Out of all the people, he would know better how an ordinary person can transition into something special. So, on this quote, he made reading the primary way for a person to transform into something better. With the illustrative use of peasant and prince, this quote becomes one of the greatest quotes about books and reading.  

19. “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Margaret Fuller

This quote shows how reading can help you evolve and become something better in the future. A leader is never born but made with extreme knowledge, sheer will, and commitment. Fortunately, this American journalist (Margaret Fuller) is trying to signify the same thing in this quote.  

20. “Books are both our luxuries and our daily bread.”

Henry Stevens

While some might think books are the shenanigans of special occasions, they are not! With great diversity and versatility, these pages can be read anywhere, anytime. Therefore, this quote perfectly describes that. Besides, it influences the young generation to get in touch more with books around them throughout their daily routine. 


Books are essentially the best source of knowledge around us, and there is no doubt about that. However, that is not the only reason why people use these. Some may love to correlate with the characters personified in the story books, while others read them to escape from the bitter reality of this world. So, no matter what your deal is, reading books is one of the best activities you can go for. 

If you are one of the bookworms that love to read anywhere and anytime, you will relate to the 20 quotes about books and reading we listed above. Moreover, if you want your kid to be equally interested in reading, this exciting journey of a boy and his adventures in a mystical world might help! So, get your hands on Sprout right away and help your kid jump into the realm of literature in a fun and exciting way!