How Reading Makes You a Better Leader: From Pages to Leadership

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In today’s digital world, we’re losing our connection with books and thoughtful reading. There was a time people were obsessed with new novels, fiction and nonfiction books. However, the rise of new online platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok has reduced our reading time. No doubt, reading makes you a better leader the society craves more than ever. But how to retrieve that lost treasure in the depths of time, the digital world, and so much chaos in our life?

Here’s a simple answer to these burning questions. Yearning for curiosity and searching for deep meaning in life can take you back to that book you’ve ever missed. Then parents can induce an interest in their kids to prepare them to be future leaders. Let’s learn how reading impacts the brain and habits and creates future thought leaders! 

How Reading Makes You a Better Leader: From Pages to Leadership
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What Makes a Great Leader Great?

There isn’t a single quality which defines a leader. Out of many, reading books is at the top. All the great leaders read daily. That’s not all, and there’s so much to learn about how leaders came into being and become the person they are. 

So, without waiting for another second, let’s know some fundamental qualities of leaders:

  • Leaders are intelligent. They know where to vent their emotions and where to keep them in check.
  • When discussing leaders’ qualities, how can we forget communication skills? They are eloquent speakers, convincing debaters and intelligent listeners.
  • Great leaders promote harmony among people and colleagues. 
  • They continuously develop unique thoughts about the world. 
  • They are humble and confident, with a determination to resolve conflicts. 

And how reading makes you a great leader should be clear enough now. Of all the qualities mentioned above, reading books stands tall and on top of the mountain. It gives leaders unique thoughts, lifelong lessons and the courage to see things differently. 

How Reading Makes You a Better Leader

Is it by chance that all the leaders you will ever hear about read as a habit? Of course, not. There’s a reason why this is so: reading makes you a better leader. It’s natural to wonder what the science behind reading is.

Treading on the path to success sounds easy, but it cannot be accomplished without making books your best friends. Some examples of this are:

  • Warren Buffet, the successful investment banker, reads about 500 pages daily.
  • Bill Gates has an average of finishing 50 books annually.
  • Mark Zuckerberg finishes one book every two weeks.

However, we still haven’t answered our original question of how reading makes you a better leader. Here are five ways to be a better leader through reading:

1. Gives You a Broader Perspective

If the world is your landscape, reading broadens your lens to see it. On your path to becoming a successful leader, books open the door to a wealth of knowledge. By being a regular reader, you will see your knowledge expanding on history, culture, psychology, and other areas. You will now begin to see a problem from various perspectives and develop a critical understanding.

Reading about the lives of others and historical events lets you distinguish between right and wrong. Not only do you learn from the examples of others, but you can apply your knowledge when you stand in an authoritative position.

2. Builds Emotional Intelligence

In becoming a better leader, you must not confine yourself to only one kind of literature. For example, reading fiction lets you experience the characters’ emotional journeys. Such exposure can help you better understand the emotions of people around you.

For children, research has shown that early readers have a higher EQ. What’s great is that children with higher EQ don’t struggle to make friends and communicate with others. This is equally true and important for adults. By building a higher EQ with reading, you can foster stronger relationships and a sense of community.

3. Makes you aware of the world

Diving into the world of books lets you sit in your room and explore the world. Who needs time traveling when you can immerse in the captivating narratives of ancient Greece and human civilizations? 

Books empower you to know our world. Reading current literature helps you gain insight into what’s happening on our planet and where we are headed. History lets us sympathize with people who have suffered discrimination. On the surface, these facts do not add value and may seem pretty redundant, but when you’re left with an enriched soul, a better leader is formed.

4. Builds Your Vocabulary and Communication

Another way that reading makes you a better leader is through building vocabulary and communication. From childhood to adulthood, only eloquent people get a hold of center stage. By knowing precisely what to say and when to say it, your chances of captivating your audience are increased manifolds.

As you might remember from our list, a great leader knows how to effectively and efficiently communicate. Any expert could tell you that building the habit of reading is the only way to expand your vocabulary.

5. Helps You Learn to Focus

Reading is like a superpower for focus, especially for kids! 

For instance, reading teaches children the valuable skill of sustained focus, which goes the same for adults. When you dive into a book, you enter a world where distractions disappear. Thus, this sheer focus can help you learn to concentrate on more critical tasks, an essential characteristic of a successful leader.


Develop the Habit of Reading in Your Child

To make sure that your children become the great leaders of tomorrow, it’s essential to start early. If you’re looking for the perfect book to start this journey with, look no further and let Sprout take it from here. This heavenly books will make it easier for your learn how reading makes you a better leader. 

Containing the elements of adventure, fantasy, and self-discovery, this book takes your child not merely to a fictional world but a universe of exploration. By the time they’re done, knowledge, truth, and goodness will be harnessed in their minds.

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