How to Develop Intuition | Top 10 Impactful Ways!

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People face challenging situations daily. Some of them face these problems bravely and come up with intelligent solutions. While others, being stuck, find themselves helpless. So, what separates these two individuals? One relies on ordinary skills, and the other stays alert and utilizes the intuitive ability to make quick decisions. That’s why knowing how to develop intuition is paramount.

However, what is intuition, and why is it so important that it has the solution to almost all life problems? Worry not, as we’ve got your back. This comprehensive guide will dig deep to find the true meaning of intuition, how to develop and harness it, and how a person can take advantage of such an ability.

We’ve listed the ten simplest ways to develop intuition, which any person can do without much hassle. So, are you ready to learn practical tips? Let’s explore this topic without waiting for another second. 

How to Develop Intuition | Top 10 Impactful Ways!

What Is Intuitive Decision Making?

Intuition is a strong, natural skill we all have. It’s like an inner guide, a kind of instinct that goes beyond just thinking things through. It helps us navigate the tricky parts of life. Unlike a world that often makes us scared and overthink, intuition gives us a trusted path to follow.

For instance, let’s look at some science studies about marble lotteries and online card games. These studies showed that about 30% of decisions were made using intuition. Our brains are always full of thoughts and questions, but intuition works differently. It’s like a soft voice among all the noise in our heads, a voice that needs a calm mind and focus to really be heard.

So, why is using your gut feeling so important, especially now? In a time where facts and clear thinking are highly valued, intuition offers another kind of knowledge. It connects with our deeper selves, where we store years of experience, feelings, and hidden knowledge. This way of making choices is really helpful when you’re in a rush or when thinking it through doesn’t give a clear answer.

Plus, using your gut doesn’t fight against using your head; it adds to it. Imagine having two tools for making choices. Logic helps you look at the good and bad sides, while intuition gives you that extra sense, that gut feeling, to tip the balance. So, it’s good to remember the simplest ways to build up your intuition.

Everything About Intuition Process

Intuition isn’t just a fleeting feeling or a random guess. It’s a process that can be understood, nurtured, and utilized daily. Here are a few primary factors of the process that will help you assess how to develop intuition: 

1. The Subconscious Mind’s Role

Your subconscious mind plays a significant role in intuition. It picks up on patterns and information your conscious mind might overlook, guiding you through feelings and hunches.

2. Connection to the Body

Intuition often manifests physically. Whether it’s a chill down your spine or a feeling in your stomach, your body can transmit intuitive messages.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Accepting and managing your emotions is critical to developing intuition. Emotions are signals, and being in tune with them can enhance your intuitive abilities.

4. Creativity and Idea

Engaging in creative activities like painting, writing, or playing music can open up intuitive channels. Therefore, creativity and intuition are closely linked and help you judge how to trust your intuition. 

5. Dreams and Symbols

Your intuition can speak through dreams and symbols. Keeping a dream journal and reflecting on the symbols can provide insights into your life.

The Best Ways To Develop Intuition

The journey to developing intuition is both personal and profound. It’s about reconnecting with ourselves and trusting our inner guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned intuitive or just beginning to explore this mystical realm, there are practical and accessible ways to enhance your intuitive abilities. The following ten ways perfectly tell you how to build intuition in no time!

1. Meditation

Meditation is a timeless practice that transcends cultures and traditions. This pathway to inner peace, mindfulness, and a deeper connection is perfect for streamlining how to be more intuitive. So, meditation helps quiet the mind, creating a space where intuition can thrive. Messages from your intuition tend to be subtle, and spending time in silence enables you to assess how to develop intuition.

Furthermore, regular meditation practice fosters a trusting relationship with your intuition. It allows you to recognize and compare mere thoughts and intuitive feelings. This trust is vital in allowing intuition to guide your decisions and life path.

A study found that individuals who engaged in meditation were more confident in their ruling abilities. Also, they were more attuned to their intuition and trusted it to guide their choices.

2. Read Books And Learn The Process

Reading books and engaging in learning processes helps people judge how to develop intuition. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge! Instead, it is about connecting with wisdom and different perspectives and creating an intuitive mindset.

Reading books on intuition, soul, or personal development opens your mind to new concepts and ideas. Therefore, it helps you understand how to use your intuition and provides practical tools to tap into it.

As you learn and practice intuitive techniques, you build confidence in your abilities. Therefore, you begin to trust and follow your gut feelings more readily. Plus, books and courses often provide guided exercises, meditations, or practices to help you access your intuition.

3. Try Following Your Gut For Once

Have you ever had a strange gut feeling nudging you in a certain direction? It’s hard to describe, but it’s often spot on. But do we really listen to these feelings?

Following your gut isn’t just a quirky idea. It’s a real practice that can lead to big insights and good outcomes. Even small choices can help you learn to trust your gut feeling for bigger life decisions.

In fact, it’s about finding a balance between thinking and feeling. Sometimes, our gut knows things our logical mind hasn’t figured out yet. 

4. Daily Body Scans Help!

In our fast-paced lives, we often overlook our bodies’ subtle messages. We push through discomfort, ignore tension, and suppress sensations. But what if these physical cues were a gateway to our intuition? Yes, it is possible! Let’s see how to develop it using body scans.

Daily body scans are a practice of awareness. It is not about judging or analyzing these sensations but simply acknowledging them. Besides, they help you become more present and attuned to your body’s wisdom.

They make intuition a way to connect with the subtle messages your body might be sending you. Whether it’s a gut feeling, a heart’s longing, or physical discomfort, these sensations can be clues to deeper insights and intuitive guidance.

5. Ask the Intuition Some Questions

Have you ever considered directly asking your intuition for guidance? Then, pose a question to your intuition. Listen for the response. It might come as a feeling, a mental image, or even a word or phrase. 

Trust whatever comes up, even if it initially doesn’t make sense. The more you practice this, the more you’ll recognize and trust the unique way your intuition connects with you. This practice of asking and listening helps you build a direct connection with your intuition. It’s a way to engage with this inner guidance system actively and consciously. Besides, this tactic makes intuition a more prominent part of your daily life.

6. Use Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present at the moment, aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. It’s a practice that’s closely aligned with intuition. By cultivating mindfulness, you create space for intuition to emerge.

Mindfulness techniques can be as simple as taking a few mindful breaths throughout the day or engaging in regular meditation practice. Every mental strategy helps you determine how to develop intuition easily. The key is consistency and intention. Making mindfulness a part of your daily routine creates a fertile ground for intuition to grow and flourish.

7. Start Writing A Journal

Whether it’s through free-flow journaling, dream recording, or guided intuitive writing exercises, journaling can be a powerful practice to strengthen your intuition. It’s a way to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and trust the wisdom that lies within.

Writing a journal is more than just documenting your daily life! It is a profound tool for self-reflection and intuition development. Putting pen to paper creates a space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and inner wisdom.

When you write freely without judgment, you allow your subconscious mind to express itself. You might find insights, patterns, or intuitive nudges that you weren’t consciously aware of. Simply put, your inner voice often gets drowned out by the noise of daily life. Journaling helps you connect with your internal intuitive guidance system and assess how to develop intuition.

8. Stay Away from Screens

Screens are everywhere these days. They’re handy and keep us connected, but they can also get in the way of our intuition. All the information, notifications, and distractions can be too much. So, they can make it hard to hear our inner voice. You can notice the little hints and whispers from your intuition. This timespan could be a screen-free hour before bed, a tech-free day on the weekend, or just a few mindful moments away from devices. Simply put, these breaks can open the door to understanding your intuition better.

9. Step Out and Spend Time

In our digitally connected world, it’s easy to forget the profound impact of nature and physical surroundings. Therefore, there must be an optimum balance between your daily activities. It’s about moving from a constant state of action to a state of being where intuition thrives.

By stepping out and spending time in different environments, you foster a deeper connection with yourself. It’s a practice that invites mindfulness, alertness, and a more aligned and authentic life. All in all, spending time outside can help you predict how to develop intuition. 

10. Stop Overthinking Things

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a loop of overthinking? Analyzing, second-guessing, worrying, and then your inner voice gets lost. Studies show that overthinking can mess up our thinking process. But trusting your intuition can lead to better decisions in work and life.

How can you stop overthinking? One way is to give names to your emotions. If you’re feeling angry, picture it as a red-hot commando. If you’re anxious, imagine a worried person talking about the end of the world. This can help clear your head.

Another trick is to flip a coin when you’re stuck on a decision. As it’s in the air, notice how you feel. Do you hope it lands one way more than the other? That’s usually your gut telling you what to do.

Remember, stopping overthinking doesn’t mean you ignore logic. It’s about finding a balance. Besides, you must trust your inner knowing, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. By doing this, you open up a new way to make decisions. It’s a way that’s true to you.


The above procedure is an example of intuitive decision-making. Besides, the ten ideal ways will not only help you build inner wisdom but also assess how to strengthen intuition. Developing intuition is a journey of discovery, wisdom, and truth. It’s about connecting with your inner guidance system and allowing it to lead you through life’s twists and turns. The concept resembles the scholarly vision in the children’s book Sprout.

In Sprout, the symbolism of the red book covers the core fire of dreams and the dragon-like obstacles we face. Similarly, our intuition is a treasure and a guide that helps us navigate challenges and reach our true potential.

Whether you’re a seeker, a parent, or someone curious about the mysteries of intuition, these practices can help you comprehend how to develop intuition. Plus, these offer a path to a more aligned, authentic, and fulfilling life. So, why not take the first step today? Explore the practices, trust your inner wisdom, and embark on this magical journey. And if the lessons of wisdom and legacy inspire you, consider sharing Sprout’s magic with the young readers in your life.