Reading Books During Pregnancy

Reading Books During Pregnancy: Does It Have an Effect on the Baby?​​

Pregnancy comes with many phases, but it’s a beautiful stage when the baby inside becomes aware of the outside world. If you’re a mom-to-be, you must seek ways to connect with your baby. Well, did you know that reading books during pregnancy can influence the small life developing inside? Yes, it is true! Reading to the baby during pregnancy can positively impact their growth, even after birth. This early mother-baby interaction goes way beyond merely

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Bedtime Story Reading for Kids

5 Top Secret Reasons to Read a Bedtime Story Every Night

Are you tired of seeing your child’s day ending with a digital screen in their hands and their eyes glued to its hypnotic glow? It’s time to break this cycle of cruelty and injustice. How about anything that includes your soothing voice, the warmth of your presence, and a world of imagination? Yes, we’re talking about the magic of reading a bedtime story to your child. But are you wondering why just this activity? Beyond the

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