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The Story of Sprout

The Story of Sprout - Paperback

The Story of Sprout - Paperback

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A journey of self-discovery teaches a boy lessons of knowledge, truth, and goodness.

When a young boy named Woodsprout comes of age, his father gifts him a treasure: an intricately handcrafted book bound in fine red leather with the instruction that he fill up the pages with his life’s story. The ensuing journey has ‘Sprout’ on a quest for words, wisdom, and adventure—and the meaning of life.

His travels has Sprout meeting all sorts of vibrant characters who provide descriptive words and illuminating experiences that he carefully enters into his prized book: the Miller, the Knight, the Librarian, the Hag, and, of course, the Wizard and Dawn—each providing valuable lessons of truth, knowledge, and goodness.

The young boy learns that there are limitless wonders of knowledge, that which would take endless lifetimes to discover. Most importantly, through his journey of self-discovery, Sprout has acquired a desire for wisdom, a valuable gift to be used for a lifetime.

An exquisite modern-day fairy tale that brings a philosophical adventure story to kids about the meaning of life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kathryn H.
Wonderful Story for All

Wonderful story for the whole family to enjoy with beautiful illustrations!

Christine T.
An inspiring message for kids

Great read! This book has a wonderful message for kids about writing the story of their lives and how they should strive to fill every page with positivity and adventure.

Lisa R.
An enjoyable tale of adventure

I really enjoyed Richard Gleason's "Sprout" as we follow Woodsprout, a young boy on a journey of self-discovery. Gifted a special book by his father, Woodsprout sets out to fill its pages with his life's story. Along the way, he encounters a diverse cast of characters who teach him valuable lessons of knowledge, truth, and goodness. Gleason's enchanting storytelling invites readers to embrace the pursuit of wisdom and the wonders of lifelong learning. "Sprout" is a captivating and thought-provoking tale that resonates with readers of all ages. It is beautifully illustrated as well.

Deb H.
A read for all ages!

A book full of vital life lessons for all ages. I will be sharing this book with my family from teens to adults. Sprouts journey was a wonderful reminder about the important things in life.

Carrie T.
A wonderful read for all

My entire family enjoyed this book and it’s wonderful messages